Why Love Does Not Envy

I’d watch him walk out the door (to provide for our family … or whatever) and crave that separation, that solitude, that freedom for just one day.

And to some extent, that feeling is natural, okay even.

But when missing my freedom turned into resenting my husband for his, when I began begrudging him for a choice I had made, when envy began to cast shadows on my joy, that’s when this verse jerked me into the light: Love Does Not Envy.

Dear Girls, You Are Exactly As You Should Be

Several years ago, I was in a pretty bad place. I came to a point of complete (self-diagnosed) depression. I could not recognize the beauty surrounding me, much less show God any gratitude for it.

In the middle of my low point, I went to spend several weeks with a group full of incredibly spirit-filled college students. Specifically, some incredible girls. And what should have been a time of refreshment and growth turned into one big pity party.