31 Days of Praying the Scripture Over Your Children


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Raising kids is the hardest thing I will ever do. This past weekend confirmed that to me, over and over again. And over again.

Gosh, it’s hard. I’m constantly wondering if I’m doing it right or doing it well or if I’m completely screwing them up. We make jokes about how “our kids are going to talk to their therapist about this someday” … but then I’m like, “No really. I think they might.”

It’s a lot of pressure sometimes, right? To make sure they know everything they need to know. We’re always wondering if we’re doing enough, teaching enough, going to church enough, memorizing enough, reading the bible enough, to guarantee their outcomes. To guarantee their eternities.

That’s heavy stuff.

But here’s the gracious truth: ultimately, it’s not up to us. There’s no Perfect Family Formula we can follow to ensure Perfect Kids. True transformation only happens through Christ. We can’t manufacture what only He can do.

So what can we do? Are we helpless? Nope.

We can pray. Because even though it’s not up to us, God can absolutely use us as his vessels to pour into them his goodness and mercy and love — all the things that will draw them to Him.

Which brings us to this… I’ve been working on a project for a little while, combing through scripture to find thirty-one life-giving, shame-crushing, soul-transforming verses to pray over my children during the month of March.

Honestly, these are verses that will be a little terrifying to pray over them. I might not want them to be bold and courageous and sold-out, but God sure does. Praying these scriptures over my kids everyday will be an act of faith, that His plans for them are better than my plans, that His ways are higher than my ways.

So I would love for you to join me!

You can pray these with or without your spouse, with or without your kids, at the breakfast table, at the dinner table, over them while they sleep after bedtime. There is no right way. Each day we will pray that a certain scripture be manifested in our children. Because we know that His word is a lamp unto their feet and a light unto their path, which will be handy to have in a world that feels increasingly dark.

For one measly little dollar (to help me pay the email service), you can receive all thirty one prayers for the entire month. Just click the link below and follow directions from there.

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