Our Ranch House Remodel: Living Room

Last week, you were introduced to our little casa via The Kitchen. While the kitchen was where we spent the bulk of our remodeling budget, the rest of the house received plenty of lovin’. Today, let’s talk about this….


IMG_2942 IMG_2943


The living room. The Grand Entrance. This is what you saw when you walked through the door. And by door, I mean this giant piece of wood…IMG_2945As you can see, the flooring needed a little TLC. While on the market, there was a big freeze, causing the pipes to burst and ruining the carpet in every single room in the house. This allowed the seller’s insurance company to pay for the majority of the new flooring costs (YAY for floods!). The only catch was the insurance company would only pay to replace the carpet WITH carpet, which we did not want in the living room. After deciding we were going to be brats about it, we chose to only carpet the bedrooms and then pay for flooring for the living and hallway. The seller, however, turned out to be the nicest seller EVER and was frustrated with his insurance company for not just giving us the full check, so he added an extra $1,000 out of his own pocket. Who does that?

Clark and I went back and forth on whether to stain the concrete (Clark’s vote) or install hardwoods (my vote). While I love the look of stained concrete, it’s just so dadgum hard… and with little, uncoordinated babies learning how to walk, I argued the cost of the impending ER visits would eventually surpass the amount saved. Plus, it scared me for resell. I finally found some bamboo flooring online that convinced Clark we could afford it AND it would be high quality.

Clark did win on paint color, however. And man, am I glad I lost that vote. We used BM Steel Wool. I was so convinced it would be too dark because there is no central light fixture in the space, but it’s perfect. I think it makes the brick look so much brighter. I love the contrast. I will definitely be using this color again.

The final challenge was figuring out a layout for the long, skinny room. It was such an awkward size, not to mention the fact that the window and the fireplace are not centered with one another. We played around with different ideas and I looked up tons of different furniture layouts. I love how it flows now and the fact that the girls still have space to play in the area in front of the front door.

Other updates:

– new front door (with a sidelight)

– crown moulding

– new outlets and light switches

– new light fixture in front of the door

– new 1×6 baseboards and 1×4 trim

– plants in the brick planter

Still to do:

– sew pillow covers (using the piece of fabric draped over the pillow on the white chair on the right)

– paint bedroom doors

– install crown moulding above Hattie’s bedroom door

Things I would do if I had a job:

– get a larger area rug for the space between the couch and the chairs (similar to this one– )


so that it looked more like this


A girl can dream.

Anyways…here is the finished product…

My fabulously talented BFF and personal Interior Designer (HA! I wish!) Rebecca Gibbs, came and put all of it together. She hung and decorated and organized and placed things while I twiddled my thumbs and watched in awe. I am afraid to move anything, lest I destroy any of the beauty she created. Love you Becca!