Middle School Parents: Here’s Help for the Cell Phone Battle

My oldest child is five, but I’m already having conversations with other moms about the big question: When will you let your child have a phone?

We seem to all agree on the dangers of smartphones (addiction, academic distraction, sleep impairment, anxiety and depression, cyber bullying, sexual content). But we also agree that if and when we choose to hold off, we’re going to be fighting an uphill battle because kids who DON’T have a smartphone are increasingly becoming the minority.

I remember back in middle school being the “only one” who couldn’t watch PG-13 movies. I made a pretty legitimate case to my parents, by dramatically slamming doors and crying, that they were RUINING MY SOCIAL LIFE.

For the most part, pre-teens just want to fit in. And it feels like having a cell phone is the way to do it.

Thankfully, a new initiative called Wait Until 8th is helping parents fight that battle.

Brooke Shannon, the voice behind the movement, said she and several other parents in her Austin, Texas community began noticing that kids in their area were getting smartphones earlier and earlier, even as young as 1st grade. When asked, many parents told her they’d just given in to the mounting pressure because “everyone had them.”

To combat that pressure, she and several other parents decided to rally together and “create a support network for those parents who would like to wait on giving their child a phone.”

Here’s how it works: …

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