Life of Five

I don’t know that I have slept enough hours to compose a coherent series of thoughts… but doggonnit I’m going to post something. Hayes has been here for nearly three months. Let’s talk about that.

This summer has been way way cray cray and the big girls did incredibly well considering, but the past few weeks have been … awful. Like “do I call a minister to perform an exorcism or a child psychologist” awful. Literally (and by literally, I mean LITERALLY), we were not in the same place for more than 4 days the entire summer. Does that make you want to punch yourself in the face? Because it did me. That, plus the move plus the new baby equalled lots of change for those poor little ones.

So here we are, having been in our new house for three whole weeks in a row. That, plus a little help from these guys….

ozzzzand suddenly my sweet girls are back from their anger binge. I, on the other hand, am dealing with some PTSD.

Hayes Stanton was born May 19, for any that missed it. Since eliminating all dairy and caffeine from my diet, he is the easiest, sweetest baby. He falls asleep on his own, smiles constantly, loves his sisters. He is kind of a momma’s boy though and cries with anyone else, including Dad. I don’t think Clark gets his feelings hurt too much — he’s too busy wrestling with the girls or throwing them in the air or helping with puzzles. Football season has begun. Summer is gone and with it went any chance of Hayes bonding with his father. He will probably be asleep by the time Clark gets home most days. But this was true with the girls too and Lord knows they are Daddy’s girls so I’m not too concerned. Soon and very soon, the field house will be his favorite place … and my favorite place to drop him off. 🙂

Call me crazy but so far I’m thinking three is WAY easier than two. Charlee and Hattie keep each other entertained as opposed to two years ago when Charlee would just lay on the floor outside of Hattie’s room crying for me when I had to put her to sleep. Charlee’s best friend when Hattie was a newborn was YouTube. But NOW, Charlee is the sweetest big sister (most days) to Hattie and they really are the best of friends (most days). One day while putting Hayes to sleep I came back into the room to find Charlee reading Hattie books (No, she cannot actually read. Details.). Later, after Hayes had been screaming for a while, I came back into the living room to hear her proudly announce, “Mom, I made Hattie a bowl of cereal! I poured the milk all by myself!” I feigned gratitude and attempted to hide my panic, then ran into the kitchen to find this ….

IMG_4526I was quite impressed.

Our house in Sweetwater finally closed Tuesday which was bittersweet. We are all settled in to our rent house here, which we love. There is a huge storage room/pantry area in the back where we have put a ton of boxes we don’t want to unpack — extra dishes, cups, decor, books. Since we are renting, I’m not very motivated to do much decorating. This is the first time we’ve lived in a space that hasn’t needed an overhaul. I feel like I’m twiddling my thumbs over here… but then again, it’s nice not having 14 million things to do after bedtime.

This summer has given me lots of blogging material…. but alas, all my brain cells were miraculously removed during the last c-section, and I don’t remember any of the stories. All I know is that I survived and the children survived and my marriage survived. And that my tubes are now tied. So praise be to God for all of those things.

Love you friends and family! And you, my Sweetwater peeps! Thank you all for loving us so well these last few months. Thank you for the dinners and the movers and the packers and the babysitters and the gifts and the hugs. Allow me to be cliché for a second and just say that we have experienced the hands and feet of Jesus these past few months.

And lastly, our summer in pictures. JK my camera is being stupid, so here is the first half of summer INCLUDING our photo shoot that the fabulous Kristee Walker did with the babes (A Little Southern — look it up) …