And 9 Excruciatingly Long Days Later… BOY or GIRL?

I loved not finding out the sex with baby #2 and highly recommend it to everyone that has no gender preference. However, this time… well, there might have been a little preference. Not saying which way, though you might could assume.

Honestly, it would be so much fun to have three sisters AND so much fun to have a boy. I knew no matter what, the determination would leave us without either a son or a daughter because sadly (or not so sadly I guess), it can’t be both (because praise Jesus there’s only one). I remember my friend Becca joking after she found out that she was having a boy, “I’m so excited, but kinda feel like my daughter died.” Keeping with that creepily morbid sentiment, let’s find out which of my imaginary third children is still alive.

Without further ado… Charlee has some news.

And I’m sure you are all wanting to know Clark’s response. Well, it was threefold.

First – “I still don’t believe it. In 7 months, the doctor will probably say, ‘Sir, we’ve done this test 5 billion times and never gotten it wrong. But somehow, it’s a girl.”

Then – “Okay. I’m glad we got pregnant now.”

And finally – “I get to name this one.”