A Simple, Meaningful Advent Calendar for the Family

Never mind my decorations are still in the attic, Christmas is my favorite. I love the cold not-quite-so-hot weather, the daily dose of Christmas cards in the snail-mail, the Salvation Army Santas ringing their bells, the lights adorning houses for a little bit too long. People just seem more joyful. “Christmas Spirit” is not a myth.

But the older I get (and the more children I have), the more tension I feel at Christmastime. How do I create Christmas traditions that are less about trees and stockings and gifts and more about a miracle in a manger? How do I strike a balance between nauseating consumerism and fun-sucking religion?

In a season that so easily overwhelms, how can I slow down, lower my expectations, and point to the manifestation of Grace and Love in a way that both excites my kids and blesses others?

Honestly, the answers to these questions are a work in progress. But one thing we started doing last year (halfway through December — holla) was an Advent Calendar.

When I decided to do a calendar last year, I searched a while for printables but never really found one that a) I loved and b) was not beyond my abilities/craftiness/desired effort level. Either the activities were a little intense for my liking (too much baking if I’m being honest) or the content seemed a little empty. I ended up taking what I liked from several different places and fusing together my own. My goal was to create something simple and low-prep, yet thoughtful and meaningful.

I figured since I hadn’t found one out there I liked, I’d make mine accessible to others who were looking for the same things.

To give you an idea of what’s inside, here are the intro and a couple of sample pages:






I channeled my Elementary Education degree hard-core for this. I considered different learning types, incorporated different styles of questions, and included daily activities that tie into the day’s verse. It made me a little sad but a lot thankful I haven’t had to lesson-plan for four years.

Within these pages, I pray you will be filled with the kind of joy only found through sacrifice, gratitude, and Jesus. I would LOVE to have a whole group of y’all keeping me accountable everyday of December. I need accountability partners for every activity in my life. Some of the questions are sure to elicit some hilarious responses from your children, and I hope you will do us all a service and share your quotes.

If you’re interested, scroll down and find the Opt-In box at the bottom of this post. Just enter your name and email address, and you’ll be sent the link to download the calendar.

Sending you all hugs, kisses, and a lot of good sleep this Christmas season! Happy Adventing!

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2 thoughts on “A Simple, Meaningful Advent Calendar for the Family

  1. I love this! I have three littles – I usually have great plans for Christmas activities, but the follow through doesn’t always happen. But this I can do! Thank you for sharing! I will be sharing with my friends!

    1. You sound like my soul sister. I, too, have three littles. And I, too, have many lofty dreams for all our holidays that never actually happen. Hence, this calendar! My goal was for it to be doable for busy moms (such as you). I pray it blesses your family this Christmas!

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