Update on Little Hattie

In case you didn’t hear, Hattie wasn’t growing.

For those of you that didn’t see my FB status, her appointment when splendidly. The doctor upped her reflux meds (which she’d only been on for a couple of weeks) and made a follow-up appointment for April 1.

It has been a week since her appointment, and I swear she’s doubled in size. I feel like I went into the doctor’s office with one baby and left with a completely different one. She’s happy, content, sweet. Growing. She smiles constantly and rarely cries. She goes down easily for all her naps and bedtime. She lets other people hold her and even smiles at them. She will sit on the floor and play with toys.

I’m kicking myself for not suspecting reflux before. I mean, Charlee had it. You would think I’d be able to identify it. I’m feeling a little … okay, a lot guilty that she’s been crying in pain for months and I’ve been mad at her about it. Ugh.

So here’s why I didn’t think it was reflux….

She was perfect for the first 4 months. I didn’t think it could just develop. Buuuut I probably should have asked the doctor that question instead of assuming. You know what happens when you assume..

She was a good eater… or so I thought. When Charlee had reflux, she would unlatch and relatch, unlatch and relatch, irritated and fussy the whole time she ate. Hattie was always happy as she ate. It was after feedings that Hattie Hyde revealed herself.

– She spit up, but nothing ungodly. I don’t think I know what is normal when it comes to spitting up. She spit up after ever meal at least once or twice, but it wasn’t a ton, so I just thought that was normal.

Now I just keep thinking about how the past few months of hell could have been easily remedied … I’m not beating myself up over it; it’s just frustrating.

Clark and I joked about the fact that Hattie might really be a “little person” — that’s PC, right? With her bigger-than-average head and her smaller-than-average body, there seemed to be a chance. But now, we joke that in a matter of a week, she’s gone from munchkin to monster. She attacks food like a savage hyena and groans and moans aggressively for more, even if her mouth is runneth-ing over. She’s making up for lost time I guess. She literally has something to eat in her hand every waking moment, lest I see the monster’s wrath.

But in all sincere appreciativeness, thank you everyone for your kind words of encouragement and prayers. I know I’ve been a little crazed the past few months, but I’m finally seeing the light. I’m so thankful to have family and friends that continue to walk with me on this stressful, frustrating, aggravating, emotional… yet somehow rewarding journey called motherhood.


Oh babies. Why can’t you just talk? I hate the guessing games you play.