Two-Year-Old Update

On January 19, my little first-born turned two. Sigh. I can’t even believe it. What happened to my little three-pound bundle of sweetness?


As if cued by God himself, she has seamlessly transitioned from a sweet, laid back 18-month-old into a tantrum-throwing, sharp-tongued, giggling little two-year-old. She’s still awfully sweet and adorable, but also infuriating every time she laughs while getting in trouble. I have obviously not perfected the “mom face.” In my defense, she also laughs at Clark, and his “dad face” is spot-on.

I love her so ridiculously much that I can’t even put it into words. My heart overflows with every hug or kiss or laugh or smile. Motherhood is pretty awesome and I think I hit the jackpot. What I’m saying is… I think I love my child more than you love yours. Kidding, kidding. Kind of.

She is still a runt, weighing in at 20 pounds 4 ounces and measuring 30-something inches tall (32 maybe? Terrible mom, I know). That puts her at the 0.38 percentile for weight and 24th percentile in height. At least she’s stretching out a little.

Now I’m going to totally mom out and list all the things that you couldn’t care less about. So, if you are not Charlee’s mom, this next part is not for you. I give you permission to sign off now.

But Charlee, this is for you and me. Someday if you ever want to know what you were like when you were two, I will send you here. This is a picture of you as the two-year-old so many know and love…

You are…

independent, hilariously goofy, dramatic, sensitive, perky when you’re well-rested, grouchy when you’re not, smart as a whip, chatty, kind, loving, clingy, silly, and not very friendly at all.

You love…

babies (real and pretend), books, cleaning (except for your own messes), your cousins, your friend Hadley, sweets of any kind, dogs, puzzles, dancing, saying “NO” — especially to the chickens, Play-Do, videos on the “puter”, the Wiggles, applesauce, and Hattie Jo.

You don’t love…

vegetables, men, people laughing at you, the church nursery… still, nap time (“I not tired”), loud noises, guests in the house, and anything anyone might interpret as “scary.”

You can…

occasionally open doors, clumsily run, discriminate colors, name your shapes, do a forward roll, count to twelve, and sing lots of songs — personal favorites include Rain Rain Go AwayLet It Go, Jesus Loves Me, and Humpty Dumpty.


A bedtime ritual after bath… at what age will this start getting weird?

When you answer questions, 90% of the time, you say, “Um, yes,” or “Um, no.”

You like to call for Duke or Molly, only so that as soon as they come close you can shout, “NO! NO NO! NO NO!” They are so confused.

Before nap time and bedtime, you always say, “I not sleepy,” or “I not tired,” and then conk out within five minutes.

When you wear a dress, you pinch the bottom, stretch it out and chime, “I a princess.”

You love to workout with daddy. Your favorite moves include squats, pushups, jumping jacks (“double jacks”), and toe touches. Your squats include a forward hip thrust and very wide stance. They make me laugh every time.

You say thank you a lot. Mostly in context but sometimes not. “Charlee, you look pretty.” “Thank you.” “Charlee, I like this yellow play-do.” “Thank you.” “Oohhh look at your strawberries. They look yummy.” “Thank you.” “Charlee, that was a loud toot.” “Thank you.” 

You send yourself to time-out sometimes. I can’t decide if this is a good indication that you recognize misbehavior, or a bad sign that you don’t mind going to time-out.

You are my favorite two-year-old and I love you more than you’ll ever know. I’d like to keep a pocket-size version of your 2-year-old self with me forever. I know I’ll still love you as you get older, but this is such a fun age, and you make me smile and laugh everyday. Will it still be this way when you’re 15? Will you still give me spontaneous kisses and say, “Love you Mommy”? Will you still ask me to rock you to sleep? Will you still say you’re “Mommy’s girl”?  I’m afraid I will need the Charlee-Pocket to get me through those teenage years. Anyways, I love you now and I’ll love you then and I’ll keep loving you forever after that.