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Dear Husband: A Note From Your Newly Needy Wife

That confident, independent woman-child told you things like, “I don’t like romance,” and, “Please don’t get me flowers. They’re such a waste of money,” and, “If you EVER (insert cheesy gesture here), I will run the other way.” I wanted you to know that you weren’t getting involved with one of those “needy” girls.

Flash forward to today. Ten years later.

Dear Girls, You Are Exactly As You Should Be

Several years ago, I was in a pretty bad place. I came to a point of complete (self-diagnosed) depression. I could not recognize the beauty surrounding me, much less show God any gratitude for it.

In the middle of my low point, I went to spend several weeks with a group full of incredibly spirit-filled college students. Specifically, some incredible girls. And what should have been a time of refreshment and growth turned into one big pity party.