Mommy Materialism: It's Just Because We Love Them

Every now and then I get a little panicky because my husband is a coach and I don’t work and we have like a million kids. Okay, two. But while discussing “contentment” with women wiser than I this afternoon, I was reminded that God has given me everything that I need for this moment. I need nothing more. My kids need nothing more. My home needs nothing more. My bank account needs NOTHING more. THAT is what Paul meant by “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Not the 38,483 other ways people use that verse out of context. It means I need NOTHING because I have faith that God is going to pull through for me when I am weak. And once I can get that through my wee brain, maybe I can learn true contentment.
Also, I was reminded that it’s almost Christmas and we are about to go CRAZY with Christmas love for our little ones…. so here’s something I thought about last year around this time. Just a little pre-Christmas reminder.