Hellooo Again!

Hey! I’m baaaack!

But not really. I mean I am. For today.

This is the first evening in a very long time that I’ve had any motivation to blog, so I’m gonna take this gumption and run with it. I feel like I have some splainin’ to do, but I’m not really sure how to articulate this unexpected hiatus. Maybe bullet points will help.

– I don’t like the blog world. I don’t like the everyone-is-trying-to-be-THAT-blog-and-go-viral world. I didn’t want to write to be read anymore. I just wanted to write because I liked it and it was soothing to my soul.

– Um self-promotion anyone? That’s what blogging feels like.

– There’s an element of “letting it all hang out” that starts moving toward “look how open I am about my problems so you can tell me how great I am at being sincere and honest”. And then intentions start to get real confusing. God can certainly work through testimony, but a line can be crossed when one is not wholly infused with humility and self-denial. And sometimes, let’s be honest, I need to deny myself a little more. There is honor in being a silent fighter sometimes.

– I was busy.

– I was moving.

– I was tired.

– And many more reasons that will slowly crawl out of my psyche after a few sessions with my therapist. She’s the best.

So let me update you. We have made the move to Sweetwater. And after finishing all five seasons of Friday Night Lights last week, I am convinced that I am living in Dillon, TX. It’s amazing. Everyone has Mustang Fever and bleeds red, obviously, which is a nice change from the town divided from which I hale. I love living in a town where I never have to wait longer than 3 seconds to pull out onto a “busy” street, football is king, people are welcoming, and my husband gets home before 8. However, I don’t like the fact that there are no indoor playgrounds, no Chick-fil-A, and only one park. We have worn out the park, the double stroller, and the library. Options for stay-at-home-moms are rather limited, so we will making trips to Abilene regularly. See ya there?

We bought a house that we are in the process of remodeling. We’ve put in new floors, new kitchen, new moldings, new paint… but still have so much more to do. If only Clark didn’t work and we didn’t have kids. I will post some before and afters as soon as I clean the house… so …. never?

Charlee and Hattie… oh man… that update could take a while. I don’t even know where to start. They are one big mess of cuteness and sass and drama. Two-and-a-half has hit Charlee pretty hard. And by pretty hard, I mean she might be bi-polar. Do they prescribe for two-year-olds? Hattie has been cutting her one-year-molars for what seems like 3 years and she really doesn’t want them. She’s made that much clear. Overall, I still love them. 

And to close, here are some pictures of our adventures lately. Miss all my folks and hope to see you soon!